dating problems

Tommy explains to Tony some of the problems he encounters in his dating life.

The surprise appearance Sunday night by author, motivational  speaker and life coach, Tony A. Gaskins, Jr. on Tommy Sotomayor’s live program “Your World, My Views” delighted viewers.   In spite of the controversial subjects which sprung from some of the calls and the two gentlemen not always in agreement, the banter was friendly and informative as they discussed the evening’s topic, “Finding Success in Love”.   Onlookers were able gain insight into a variety of perspectives while the men expanded upon their thoughts about how to strengthen commitment, love and support within the black community. Mr. Gaskins will be appearing in the upcoming film, “A Fatherless America” by Tommy Sotomayor. He is currently in Phoenix for “The Real Love Tour” Monday, March 16, from 6-8pm. Reruns of Sunday’s show are viewable by logging in to .

astrologer calls

Tony and Tommy listen intently to an astrologer who called in the middle of the show.


The gentlemen discussed child support, abortion, gender roles and other controversial issues.