CJ and Tommy compare notes on Arizona cactuses.

Chicago White Sox outfielder and public speaker, CJ Beatty came to the “A Fatherless America” set for an interview with Tommy Sotomayor on Saturday.   The two gentlemen spoke about building dreams and preparing for life’s “curve balls”.  Surprisingly, as in baseball, life is made up of many failures and only some successes. In comparing short term success to long term goals, Mr. Beatty explained that although he has been successful in baseball so far, he realizes the importance of a Plan B. Part of developing a plan is taking a healthy curiosity in unfamiliar things, fearlessly seeking information through books and the internet and not being afraid of failure.  Making decisions and being consistent as well as strengthening one’s mind is key in order to obtain results in life.  In one part of the interview Mr. Beatty recognizes the vital role his father has played in guiding him and keeping him grounded as well as the continued guidance he receives from his father.  To see the full three part interview with C J Beatty visit


CJ talks about when he first realized that he might have a gift for baseball.