About The Movie

“A Fatherless America”  is a hard hitting exposé which reveals how an unfair system of family laws and imposed belief systems in America are removing the male influence from children’s lives.  The film’s creator, Tommy Sotomayor, has traveled throughout the USA exploring the justice system as well as providing compelling interviews with celebrity dads and regular dads alike who express consistent and overlapping issues when dealing with single fatherhood, and the iniquitous and biased demands of child support.  The child support system, which has completely marginalized men and encouraged the absence of fathers from the lives of their children, has created the problems that you see in America today such as violence, high rates of teenage pregnancy and other social ills.  The film examines stories of fathers, mothers and children as well as provides key insight from members in the legal field.

The film is nearing completion and is now entering the marketing and promotion stage.  Tommy Sotomayor has begun his second tour of the USA where he imparts audiences with his humorous, well-known and controversial  Truth & Logic as well as previews excerpts from the film.  Please help us get this culturally enlightening film into festivals and other venues.

Tommy Sotomayor – The Truth & Logic Tour. Click the city of your choice to get your tickets.  Please write to us to let us know if you would like Tommy to come to your city!